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Alternative Carbon Dioxide Calculation

Credit:  AIRS, the Atmospheric InfraRed Sounder After finding another paper on this subject I thought I would write a quick follow up to the previous post on the simple greenhouse model . This paper used a climate model to calculate the surface temperature of a planet with varying incident illumination and carbon dioxide partial pressure. The resulting graph is probably a simpler way for people to determine the level of the carbon dioxide necessary to meet their desired aim.

Simple Greenhouse Model

Credit:  AIRS, the Atmospheric InfraRed Sounder In response to a question on the  Speculative Evolution Forum  and my previous post on the  Circumstellar Habitable Zone  I thought I would discuss a simple model to calculate the average temperature of a planet. I will first present a model that doesn't account for the greenhouse effect and then extend it to include an idealised version of the greenhouse effect. In practice there are many other modifications that could be made to make a more accurate model but I'm not a professional climatologist. That's what the  Met Office  is for!