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Can Dead Stars Have Habitable Planets?

Credit: NASA-JPL/Caltech Since it is Halloween I thought I would write a quick article based on a paper about the habitability of planets around "dead stars". Specifically, can  pulsar planets  ever be habitable or are they only suitable for the living dead?

Too Hot For Comfort

Credit:  NASA/JPL-Caltech/Ames Now that we know that  water is important to life  and that  stars have different luminosities  it is important to consider at what distance from a star a planet can be habitable. At present we only have a single example of a habitable planet to use for comparison (i.e. Earth), however, physics and climate modelling can be used to estimate where the  Circumstellar Habitable Zone  (CHZ) lies.

YouTube: Life Beyond

This pair of long videos from  Melodysheep  are a stunning audio-visual experience about the prospect of alien life somewhere in the universe. They may well provide inspiration for your own projects and I can certainly recommend watching them both when you have time.

What Colour Are Stars?

Credit: NASA/ESA In order to make a planet look suitably alien it is tempting to make the sun a different colour than we are used to. Certainly artwork involving a purple or even a green sun looks very alien but is it actually possible? Unfortunately not, stars cannot be green or purple for reasons I will discuss below.